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England | Arthur Kirkland | The United Kingdom

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England | Arthur Kirkland | The United Kingdom
04 July 2019 @ 10:02 pm
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England | Arthur Kirkland | The United Kingdom
I sleep with a teddy bear.
England | Arthur Kirkland | The United Kingdom
[out on his porch

petting his cats]
England | Arthur Kirkland | The United Kingdom
18 November 2010 @ 11:20 pm
[There is a little boy in the bushes! He seems to be hiding, but he's not doing a very good job... Mostly because he's sniffling and crying.

He may look familiarly uncute...]

((BACKDATED to TYL and I'm still recovering from a cold so tags will be slow and while I'm at it yeah I'm going to reply with a different journal okay crying.))
England | Arthur Kirkland | The United Kingdom
[The house of 1670 Nelson Street has, for the purpose (?) of Halloween, is now in the process of being adorned with cobwebs, spooky decorations, and magic runes. The magic runes seem to read the names of England's enemies over and over again. On his lawn, there is a cauldron that is boiling green and purple, and it's apparently for his cookies, which he leaves out to cool on his porch. The cookies themselves are black, with what appears to be spiders, flies, and sardines sticking haphazardly out of them. Two black cats repeatedly cross the threshold.

England, dressed as a vampire (though he may change later on for a family costume because that is the cool thing to do) sits by the cauldron with a bowl of apples for any trick-or-treaters. Today, though, he seems slightly melancholic.]

... Hmm.

((Tags will be slow! But Happy Halloween, guys! ♥))
England | Arthur Kirkland | The United Kingdom
22 October 2010 @ 08:32 pm
Nobody play hero.

I mean it. I don't care if you have a hero complex the size of your head, but if you're smart, then you'll be staying inside. That being said, if anybody needs any help, you're free to contact me. Ring me up, knock me up, I don't care. I'll help. What's that overwrought saying? It's times like these that we need to pull together.

And that being said, if anybody touches my cats, I'll bloody shoot you off my lawn.

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England | Arthur Kirkland | The United Kingdom
[England is cuddling a furry animal. The furry animal is clawing his face. He seems pleased by this turn of events, and is petting the furry animal while making soothing happy sounds.

Just another normal day in England.]
Aren't you sweet, now... oh, that was my nose.

[Gas plot!! With variety pack because... because I'm a loser.

A. Default bbmericas everywhere!! This is the dream life.
B. Privateer!!!
C. Everyone is his friend. The world is a good place to be England.
D. Nobody is his friend!!!!!
E. The Caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland.
F. V... Violence!!
G. Unicorns.]
England | Arthur Kirkland | The United Kingdom
I trust that, by now, you're all smart enough not to go down to the bloody post office and I mean that in the literal sense. I also trust that you will have informed me of the nature of your injuries if you have so taken any injuries upon your person. I also trust that if you suddenly have a gap in your memories after your visit, you'll still remember me because that's the most important.

Ah... if anyone needs any mint, I've taken to the idea of planting some in the garden. That's where the smell is coming from, really... Right, and you've all given me a ruddy headache, I'll be keeping to my room for the time being.

That will be all.

[the call is placed from the locked bedroom.]
England | Arthur Kirkland | The United Kingdom
[Another exciting, exciting day at the Mayfield General Store! And another exciting appearance from your favourite bushy-eyed country. He seems to have come from shopping for clothes, judging by his bags. Except this time, he seems to be more beat-up and bandaged than usual, and he doesn't look altogether well... Then again, he seems more perturbed by the salesman.]

Electric kettles. Haven't you... no, I don't want to buy an ordinary kettle, I have plenty of those at my house, honestl... d-don't try to interest me in those place mats, I have absolutely no interest in them—achoo—... what was that?

... You don't happen to have a fairy-patterned one, do you?